Customer Charter

Valuing the Client

The Charter below sets out the standards of service that our clients can expect from Leitrim County Childcare Committee.


The service we provide is guided by our core client values:

  • We ensure our clients are treated in a caring, inclusive and equal way;
  • We aspire to client excellence by responding to our clients through mutual identification of needs, and working with them to achieve agreed outcomes;
  • We are innovative and flexible in meeting the changing needs of our clients;
  • We consult our clients in an open and impartial way, supporting the partnership way of working in Leitrim County Childcare Committee;
  • We endeavour to provide all services to our clients as effectively and efficiently as possible.



Leitrim County Childcare Committee will deliver this quality service under a series of headings

Staff/Client; Best Practice; Client Information; Equality; Health and Safety; Privacy and Confidentiality; Consultation/Feedback; Promptness; and Complaints.

Support a client service ethos amongst all members of staff. This charter confers on members of the public and Leitrim County Committee staff the same levels of respect and courtesy.

Best Practice
Adopt best practice in the provision of services.

Client Information
Promote public awareness of Leitrim County Childcare Committee programmes. Clients can access information on Leitrim County Childcare Committee services by visiting our office in Drumshanbo, Leitrim or by browsing

Provide our services to all clients in a courteous, fair and impartial manner and in full compliance with all equality legislation. Facilitate access to Leitrim County Childcare Committee’s services for people with disabilities.

Health and Safety
Provide public offices and training places that comply with occupational and safety standards.

Privacy and Confidentiality
All our dealings with our clients are conducted in a manner that respects their rights to privacy and confidentiality.

Listen to, value and consider carefully all views expressed and where possible and within a realistic timescale, agree a way forward. Leitrim County Childcare Committee welcomes your comments, suggestions and views on any aspects of our services because this will help us to better satisfy your needs.

Reply to all letters, emails and voicemail promptly and efficiently. If the preparation of a reply requires more than 5 working days, Leitrim County Childcare Committee will issue an acknowledgement to all messages/correspondence.

Deal with queries in an open, objective and fair manner. Every effort will be made, at local level, to resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of both the client and Leitrim County Childcare Committee. A complaints coordinator will be available to deal with complaints that cannot be handled locally. See complaints procedure for more details of the complaints process.

Contact Details

Leitrim County Childcare Ltd
Laird House
Church Street
Co Leitrim

Coiste Cúram Leanaí Chontae Liatroma
Teach Laird 
Sráid na hEaglaise
Droim Sean Bhó
Co Liatroma

Please feel free to send us an email

Support number
071 96 40870

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